Academic affairs

Academic success depends on much more than great teaching or great content. Attitudes matter when we’re talking about persistence, graduation, and success beyond the college classroom.

So how do you encourage conversations that go far beyond the walls of the classroom? How can you promote study sessions, departmental events, or guest speakers? How can students at a distance feel just as connected to faculty, staff, and students on campus? And maybe best of all – how can you measure all of the factors that lead to success and create better risk measures, better patterns, and better success profiles than ever before?

That’s why we created Ucroo Digital Campus.


Degree groups

Degree Groups

Groups students with the peers they’ll study with throughout their degree and possibly work with one day.



Course Groups

Course groups connect students with classmates for modern coursework collaboration. Faculty can easily plug course groups into the LMS to replace outdated discussion forums.

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Group Analytics

  • View and export analytics for groups
  • Track statistics on views, posts, and event attendance
  • See which members are most engaged
Group Analytics


Raw Data

Export all analytics captured on your digital campus via Ucroo's REST API and
pull data into existing data systems to gain deeper insights on student engagement and success