Uniquely Ucroo

Ucroo is the only secure web and mobile platform to provide universities with a thriving digital campus that significantly enhances student connection, communication, and collaboration.

Ucroo System Notifications

Activity & notifications

Ucroo notifies students about the conversations, information and resources most important to their success at university.


Ucroo automatically groups students with peers and staff based on their degree, courses, school and campus. Students can discover groups - such as clubs & societies, student services and mentoring groups - and join those that interest them.

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Ucroo Interface Groups

Ucroo iOS app


Students and staff can post links, files, images, videos and polls in their groups and join the conversation by liking, commenting and replying.

Conversations can be tagged, pinned and scheduled, and are archived so they’re easy to find later.

Ucroo Message Inbox


Safely communicate with peers and staff. Create individual or group messages to chat instantly and share images and files privately.


Ucroo provides universities with analytics on student behavior, groups and events across their digital campus. Analytics enable universities to proactively identify and connect with high-risk students, while better understanding what drives engagement.

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Ucroo gives a university control of its digital campus, streamlining administrative tasks. Admin tools enable the university to easily manage groups and accounts, moderate conversations and configure branding and features.

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Connect your LMS, social feeds, office suite or video conferencing platform to unify the student experience. Ucroo ties together university updates and tools in the most intelligent way possible.

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