Ucroo automatically groups students with peers and staff based on their degree, courses, school and campus. Students can discover groups - such as clubs & societies, student services and mentoring groups - and join those that interest them.

Student group

Connects students across schools, campuses and modes of delivery to build community, speed up support and crowdsource information.

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Ucroo Degree Groups

Degree groups

Groups students with the peers they’ll study with throughout their degree and possibly work with one day.

Course groups

Course groups connect students with classmates for modern coursework collaboration. Faculty can easily plug course groups into the LMS to replace outdated discussion forums.

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Ucroo Student Services on Android

Student service groups

Student services groups increase awareness of services and help staff more effectively reach students. Students join services to receive helpful resources during their degree.

Study groups

Students create study groups to collaborate on group assignments.
Project management tools make it easy to assign tasks and get work done.

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Mentoring groups 

Mentoring groups provide a purpose-built environment for student mentoring.
It’s simple for coordinators to create groups and easy for students to find the mentor that best suits them.

Extracurricular groups

Extracurricular groups are the space for clubs, greek life, hobby, sports groups and more. Student leaders can run membership registration through their group or post news and events to keep members up-to-date.

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Prospect Groups

Prospect groups

Connect prospects with select current students, staff and faculty at your university to create meaningful relationships and enhance belonging during the important prospective student phase.