‘Our first major step at creating one Saint Leo’

Jeff Borden, Chief Innovation Officer


Ucroo connects 16,000 Saint Leo students across the USA and the world to build community, speed up support and centralize university information and updates.

Saint Leo at a Glance

What is Saint Leo University using Ucroo Digital Campus for?

  • Increasing peer-to-peer connection and building university community

  • Communicating announcements and resources in an open space

  • Speeding up student support

  • Surfacing student opinions and feedback

  • Helping students to stay aware of the services their student services department offers

  • Increasing involvement in student organizations and university events

  • Notifying students of updates and intelligently connecting them with core tools

What did engagement look like in 2017?

  • Student retention: Small uptick (university was expecting decrease in 2017)

  • Student uptake: 95%

  • Sessions: 502.5K

  • Pageviews: 2.39M

  • Posts: 30.7K

  • Profile views: 21.4K

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Saint Leo University

“Ucroo has absolutely fallen into the partner category, working with us closely to ensure the best possible experience(s) for our students, faculty, and staff over time. Ucroo has helped shepherd our strategies from the start and I cannot recommend highly enough the job their team have done to help us be successful.”
— Jeff Borden, Chief Innovation Officer
Jeff Borden Ucroo

Why is Saint Leo University successful?

Rolled Ucroo out across the university, immediately creating a network effect

Tightly integrated Ucroo with IT ecosystem

Branded Ucroo to make it their own (Lions SHARE)

Set platform up as a front door to other student tools

Digital campus manager assigned to Ucroo

Saint Leo University