President's office

What keeps you up at night? Enrollment? Retention? Disconnected people, processes, or programs?

Every President, Provost, CIO, Innovation Officer, or education executive will tell you that silos kill a college or university. But as holistic solutions are more buzz words than reality, individual silo executives solve similar problems with different tools, creating a chaotic approach to data, experiences, interdependence, and more.

That’s why we created Ucroo Digital Campus.


A genuinely “end to end” solution, Ucroo helps schools bridge gaps, cut through silos, share data, and connect solutions from the moment a student considers your institution until long after they graduate. By creating “stickiness” throughout the entire lifecycle, students, faculty, and staff are more connected, creating stronger affinity for your brand and ultimately leading to improvements in enrollment, persistence, and loyalty.

More than a portal, bigger than a student engagement platform, and far superior to stand-alone mobile apps, Ucroo is a Hyper-Connection Engine, driving support for the biggest things that keep you up at night.


Ucroo gives a university control of its digital campus, streamlining administrative tasks. Admin tools enable the university to easily manage groups and accounts, moderate conversations and configure branding and features.


Ucroo provides universities with analytics on student behavior, groups and events across their digital campus. Analytics enable universities to proactively identify and connect with high-risk students, while better understanding what drives engagement.


Connect your LMS, social feeds, office suite or video conferencing platform to unify the student experience. Ucroo ties together university updates and tools in the most intelligent way possible.